Animal Themed Jewelry: A Fierce Trend for the Spring Season

roberto coin animalier collection
A trend that was favored last year is still evidently still going strong with major fine jewelers this year, if the jewelry selections at Baselworld are any indicator. At Baselworld this year Roberto Coin continued to build upon their current “Animalier” collection with more extravagant pieces. Some of the new pieces from Baselworld can be seen here at National Jeweler.

Incorporating animals into our jewelry seems almost primal. Since age-old times certain pieces of jewelry have been embodied the wild. Many forms of ancient royalty and modern royalty have symbolized and expressed their royal power and status with animals and accessories. Today, this approach is a little more contemporary. Maybe slightly more charming and considerably more glamorous.

Roberto Coin Horse Bracelet

One jeweler that coordinates collections of animal jewelry very well is the Italian luxury designer Roberto Coin. Roberto Coin features several animal designs utilizing materials such as various golds, diamonds, and other precious stones. The animal collections by Roberto Coin are very vibrant and energetic, the epitome of a modern take on the animal theme. Many of their pieces incorporate certain characteristics of specific animals to reinforce the shape it creates. The horse bracelet is a great example of how the bracelet is shaped to wrap comfortably around the wrist while maintaining a very fashionable look.

chopard animal world collection
Chopard is another major brand that has adopted the animal trend. In celebration of their 150th year, Chopard created a collection called Animal World. In making this collection, Chopard explored unexpected stones and materials to simulate the colors and physical traits of nature. These pieces seem exceptionally true to life and can be viewed here at Yet another example of a collection that Chopard uses animals would be the Happy Diamond Collection which can be viewed on our Chopard Happy Diamonds page. Both of these collections utilize Chopard’s signature floating diamonds, which add that perfect amount of sparkle to their jewelry designs.

Stephen Webster London Call Onyx & Sapphire Raven's Head Bracelet
Animals incorporated into jewelry is not always precious and adorable. Stephen Webster has always been a popular fine jeweler that is known for the dramatic glam-rock attitude. Stephen Webster utilizes animals in a more contrary approach such as using raven heads as clasps for bracelets and sharp wings of a nightingale on bangles. Along with a more dark use of animal features, the collection correlates it’s style using darker stones and materials such as onyx and black rhodium. The onyx and sapphire raven’s head bracelet can be found on our Stephen Webster page.

All of these fine jewelers have distinguished attributes that make it capable for all of us to own a piece of animal jewelry regardless of our styles and likings. Also because of the various styles, purposes, and associations of animal jewelry, it’s no wonder why animal jewelry is still trending.

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