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Gold & Diamond Buying

Active & Extremely Competitive Buying.

Highly recommended by leading insurance companies and estate planners across the United States, King Jewelers allows you to learn what you the true value and quality of your jewelry or timepiece is with an appraisal or estate valuation by a qualified professional.

In-house Appraisals

Qualified Experts.

Our certified gemologists offer appraisal and estate buying services ranging from insurance and estate to fair market valuations and collateral appraisals.

  • Qualified Engraving Experts
  • Qualified Engraving Experts
  • Qualified Engraving Experts

Specialized Jewelry.

We specialize in Art Deco, Art Nouvaeu, Edwardian, Victorian, and Mid-century Retro, as well as designer Contemporary/Vintage collections.

Specialized Jewelry

The Miami Herald: Record Prices Ignite a Gold Rush

"At King Jewelers in Aventura, most of the gold they buy is melted down at the store and used to create new pieces of jewelry. By comparison, most businesses buying gold jewelry in South Florida send it to a refinery and only act as a middle men."

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