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Engagement & Wedding Education

diamond engagement rings & wedding bands

Guide to Diamond Engagement & Wedding Bands

Every proposal is unique, but the goal is universal. You want to choose a ring that suits her and one she’ll love. This guide is designed to give you clear, useful information about engagement and wedding rings, diamonds, and hints for the proposal itself . . .more about engagement rings and wedding bands

how to pick your wedding colors

How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

Picking the color scheme for your wedding is one of the most difficult choices, and yet, it’s almost the first one that needs to be made! The flowers, invitations, the cake, the wedding party . . . all of these arrangements revolve around a uniting set of colors. For some, the choice may be easier . . . more about how to pick your wedding colors.

guest list

The Guest List

There are a million and one details when planning a wedding, and one of the trickier – and sometimes, sensitive – details is putting together the guest list. To get started, decide the general size of the wedding you want. Will it be a large, extravagant event or a more intimate setting? Next, consider the budget for the . . . more about choosing a guest list.

how to pick a diamond shape for your engagement ring

How to Pick a Diamond Shape for an Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You’ve found the love of your life and you both want to get married. Now what about that ring? Diamonds come in about a dozen standard shapes and if you don’t know your rounds from your radiants, have no fear. Below we’ve listed the basic diamond shapes and . . . more about selecting a diamond shape.

choosing a vintage engagement ring

How to Choose a Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings have an unmistakable air of classic romance. It could be the delicate filigree or the slightly off-color diamonds that inspire such feelings of nostalgia, but these details will insure that a vintage engagement ring will be unique above all else. The selection of a . . . more about vintage engagement rings.

Wedding Band Tips and Trends for Men

Wedding Band Tips and Trends for Men

When most guys consider wedding bands, they think of the very traditional plain white gold or platinum band. In fact, most men didn’t start wearing wedding bands until the late 1930s, when World War II started and then they were very simple out of necessity and cost. Guys today, however . . . more about men's wedding bands.

choosing wedding jewelry

Jewelry Selection for Your Wedding Dress Made Easy

You’ve picked the dress. The ring. The location. The decor. All the hard decisions of wedding planning are over. When it comes down to your wedding day, have you thought about accessories? Selecting jewelry for that perfect wedding day look can seem like an intimidating task, but remember that this . . . more about choosing wedding jewelry.