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Fancy-Shaped Diamond Jewelry

There’s something incredibly admirable about a woman who chooses to step outside of tradition to create a path that is uniquely hers. This can be anything from her career choice to her unique style. Today, King Jewelers wants to touch on the thrill of fancy shaped diamond jewelry. Traditionally, the most common diamond shape for women has been the classic round brilliant cut. However, in more recent years we have seen a drastic jump in the creation of jewelry, featuring fancy shaped diamonds. King Jewelers has an extensive selection of fancy-shaped diamond jewelry in our showrooms, just in time for the holiday season.

King Jewelers Private Label Mixed Fancy Diamonds Bangles

King Jewelers Private Label

One of our favorite pieces right now are these fancy shape diamond bangle bracelets that are a part of our latest King Jewelers Private Label. These bangles are available in 18K yellow, rose, and white gold and showcase an array of mixed diamond shapes. An alternation of pear, emerald, marquise, and round-cut diamonds create a distinctive understatement. Each bracelet holds a total diamond weight of 2.38cts and retails for $9,000.

King Jewelers Marquise Shape Engagement Ring

Fancy-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Fancy shaped diamond engagement rings have also made quite the statement over recent years. We have seen a strong desire among women who desire oval, pear, emerald, and marquise-shaped center stones than ever before. These engagement rings offer a sophisticated elegance with a a dash of personality. Ovals, marquise, and pears create the illusion of a longer finger, which is a major reason why so many women choose these over the traditional round or princess-cut. The engagement ring shown above holds a total diamond weight of 2.52cts and retails for $27,500.

Kwiat Pear Shaped Chandelier Drop Earrings Top Diamond Jewelry Brands

Lastly, we’ve been noticing several top jewelry designers coming out with fashion jewelry pieces that reveal various fancy-shaped diamonds. For example, these Kwiat drop-earrings captivate the senses of all who lay eyes on them. We admire the arrangement of pear-shaped diamonds resembling raindrops trickling down from the ear. King Jewelers has a wide selection of Kwiat jewelry, revealing fancy-shaped diamonds in a myriad of fashions.

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Stop by one of King Jewelers two locations in Nashville, Tennessee and North Miami Beach, Florida to shop an extensive collection of fancy-shaped diamond jewelry. Our elite team of jewelry stylists can assist you in selecting a piece that best suits your personal aesthetic and budget. Feel free to explore King Jewelers’ inventory online to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and receive free shipping on most luxury items! Recently voted “Best Jewelry Store” by the Nashville Scene, King Jewelers welcomes you to become a part of the King Family.

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