Three Ways to Style a Diamond By The Yard Necklace

What is a Diamond by the Yard Necklace?

Diamond by the yard, or DBY necklaces, have been a chic staple piece in many jewelry collections, due to their luxurious versatility. A diamond by the yard is a linear necklace with diamond stations evenly distributed throughout its entirety. There are countless designs, metal combinations, and diamond sizes available to complement your personal aesthetic. Several jewelry designers all over the world have created their own versions of DBY necklaces and added their own creative twists to them. King Jewelers loves the classic sophistication of DBY necklaces and offers our clients a competitive selection of some of the most exquisite designs. We want to talk about three different ways that you can style your diamond by the yard necklace to ensure that you achieve all the trendy looks they have to offer.

Long Singular Necklace

For starters, a diamond-by-the-yard necklace can be worn as a ling, singular necklace in order to attain a more casual look. This way, the necklace adds a subtle elegance to your everyday ensemble without stealing all the attention in a room. When paired with a cocktail dress, a DBY necklace is certain to curate a delicate understatement. Therefore, it’s quite simple for this style to take you from day to night.


Secondly, depending on the length of your diamond by the yard, it can be wrapped around your neck once or multiple times to make it appear that you are wearing multiple layered necklaces. This style gives off a bit of a more contemporary look, yet maintains a traditional elegance and sparkle. When adjusted accordingly, it can look like a choker alongside longer necklaces of various lengths. This look would look glamorous and chic for an upscale dinner-date or a night on the town.

Diamond by the Yard as a Bracelet

Lastly, you could wrap your diamond by the yard around your wrist as many times as it will go, to reveal the look of several diamond bracelets. This style will have everyone in the room coveting over your captivating wrist candy. There is something mesmerizing about a cluster of diamonds reflecting light in a small surface area that demands the attention in a room. Wearing a DBY as a bracelet is perfect for adding that sophisticated touch of elegance to your next formal event.

Shop Diamond by the Yard Necklaces at King Jewelers

Diamond-by-the-yard necklaces continue to make their mark in the jewelry world. We hope these styling tips assist you in achieving some fun new looks to add to your fashion arsenal. King Jewelers encourages you to visit our stores located in Nashville, Tennessee, or North Miami Beach, Florida to discover the thrill of breathtaking DBY necklaces for yourself!  Trusted since 1912, King Jewelers welcomes you to stop by and experience what it means to become a part of the King’s family.

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