History of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

For several years, many people have valued the gift of a diamond eternity bracelet as a sentimental symbol of the endless love between two people. Perhaps as a young child, you witnessed your mom receive one of these breathtaking diamond bracelets from your father and dreamt about the day that a man did the same thing for you. Today, these white gold or yellow gold diamond bracelets, entirely embedded with luminous diamonds, are commonly referred to as tennis bracelets. The story behind this odd name for a diamond bracelet is particularly interesting.

How the Tennis Bracelet Received its Name

As a fashion icon in the sporting world, it was Chris Evert who accidentally gave the tennis bracelet its name. In 1987, during one of the U.S. Open tennis matches, Evert forced a powerful swing of her racket that sent her diamond eternity bracelet flying of her wrist. She immediately requested that the match be called to a pause so that she could search for her bracelet. With the help of several people, a search commenced on live television until the bracelet was recovered. From that moment, the “tennis bracelet” became a highly-coveted piece of jewelry for diamond enthusiasts all over the world.

Tennis Bracelets Available at King Jewelers

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