Emerald Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

Brides everywhere strive to find a ring design that maintains a classic aesthetic while still providing something that blends with their personal style. Many modern brides are leaning away from the standard round brilliant solitaire and opting for something a bit more refined. Emerald-cut diamonds are luxurious and contemporary all at the same time. Something about sleek edges and harsh corners reminds us of the distinct qualities and immense strength found within each and every love story.

The highly-coveted emerald-cut originated over a thousand years ago when craftsmen would cute green emerald gemstones into rectangular shapes with specific steps and facet patterns. The design was intended to provide the stone with optimum stability since emeralds are a generally soft gemstone. Soon, this practice was applied to a diamond and when placed in an engagement ring the bridal industry was forever changed.

Emerald diamond engagement rings radiate an art-deco look with a luxurious twist. Typically, emerald-cut diamonds have a large top surface making them appear bigger. This specific shape also has a way of elongating the finger. When an emerald-cut diamond is set in a solitaire setting, it’s incredibly easy to admire the detailed facets and beauty of the stone. Alternatively, it’s quite common to have a halo around the stone to draw more attention to the breathtaking center stone.

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