Round Brilliant Lab Grown Diamond Feature of the Week

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Round Brilliant Shape Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming significantly more popular to those looking to purchase diamond jewelry. Many people are just now learning about the man-made diamond phenomenon and King Jewelers has all the information you need to know. Lab diamonds are not “fake” or “synthetic” diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds with identical physical and chemical properties as earth diamonds. One originates from the earth’s core, whereas, the other is grown in a laboratory.

Today, we want to take a moment to feature a stunning round brilliant lab-grown diamond that we currently have in our inventory. Round shape diamonds are the most popular stone shapes because they bestow your ring with a classically elegant look. Round brilliant diamonds are meticulously faceted to reflect light from nearly every angle, ensuring that your ring will produce a breathtaking sparkle.  This particular diamond reveals itself in D color with VS1 clarity.

Lab-created diamonds are gentle on the environment and always ethically sourced. These two factors serve as the primary determinants for many people who are considering going down the cultured diamond route. Due to the fact that these stones can be mass produced, there is also a financial benefit to purchasing man-made diamonds. This 1.01-carat round lab diamond retails for $6,830.00, so that the ring of her dreams is easily attainable, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Please note that this diamond can be reset into a mounting with the metal and design of your choosing.

Lab Grown Diamonds Available at King Jewelers

King Jewelers is proud to be your local authorized lab-grown diamond retailer with locations in Nashville, Tennessee and North Miami Beach, Florida. Furthermore, our highly-skilled team of gemologists will assist you in selecting the perfect piece to express your personal style. You can also visit us online to receive free shipping and hassle-free returns. King Jewelers admires the passion and love behind investing in a diamond or piece of diamond jewelry, so allow us to help you and discover what it means to become a part of the King Family.


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