Designer Spotlight: Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton Collection

Designer Spotlight: Pasquale Bruni

For two generations, Pasquale Bruni jewelry has been releasing unique handcrafted pieces for women all over the world. Specifically, we look forward to introducing the Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton collection. Uniting precious gemstones and high-quality metals, the Italian-based studio radiates knowledge, independent spirit and experience. They call this an expression of “vera passione,” an emotion felt by everyone who wears it. Thus, as a family-run jewelry store for five generations, King Jewelers also values the rare integrity of family-based, hand-crafted designs.

Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton Collection

The Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton collection enthralls artistic minds as we admire the vibrant colors and floral aesthetic. Moreover, the Bon Ton collection features a five-petalled flower motif set with an assortment of meticulously-faceted, vibrant color gemstones. High-polished 18K golds lead us to breathtaking pave diamond details, framing the outline of the Bon Ton motif. The rounded edges of Bon Ton rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings keep the look youthful, while the diamonds add a touch of grace and elegance. On the outside of each flower, we discover a heart engraved between each petal, bestowing it with love.


Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton Goddesses

The Bon Ton Goddesses collection serves as a celebration of feminity, showcasing that same five-petalled flower motif. Setting itself from the original Bon Ton collection, we notice a milky white quartz flower motif, contrasting each colored gemstone flower. In addition, light nuances create intimate contrasts in soft pastel colors, bringing out the goddess hiding within each and every woman. Eugenia Bruni describes this collection as a hymn of feminity that crosses the moon, the sky, beauty, and the heart.


Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton Je t’Aime

The Bon Ton Je T’Aime collection introduces a more bold approach to the Bon Ton family. Featuring London blue topaz and deep red garnet gemstones, we discover long fluid-like stems encrusted with luminous diamond details. Each long vine wraps around the wrist or finger multiple times before leading to diamond leaves and the Bon Ton flower motif. Eugina Bruni feels that Bon Ton Je T’Aime allows a woman to love herself. Furthermore, she explains, “love is letting yourself be enveloped by a leaf and coming into blossom.”


Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton Ton Joli

Lastly, we introduce the Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton Ton Joli collection. Revealing bold blacks and blues, contrasting against vibrant reds and milky white gemstones, this compilation embraces many iconic years of style. To illustrate, black onyx, red agate, and mother of pearl make up the Bon Ton flower motifs, complementing the high polished golds and diamond details. Additionally, some pieces within this line present a single silhouette of the Bon Ton motif entirely embedded with diamonds. Bestowing each look with a bold, yet timeless element, Bon Ton Ton Joli continues to spark fascination in women everywhere.

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King Jewelers admires the artistic brilliance Pasquale Bruni and his two children share with the world through exquisite jewelry masterpieces. Therefore, we welcome you to visit our King Jewelers Miami or Nashville locations to explore this exclusive line of fine jewelry for yourself. Our highly-skilled team of jewelry experts enjoys sharing these breathtaking treasures with the world. You can also browse Pasquale Bruni pieces on our website to receive free two-day shipping. King Jewelers is proud to be your trusted local authorized retailer of all things Pasquale Bruni.

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