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Furrer Jacot Swiss-Made Luxury Jewelry

Furrer Jacot Swiss jewelry prides itself on creating precious masterpieces with high ethical standards. Handcrafting quality jewelry is an irrefutable value Furrer Jacot is known for. Each piece has an irresistible uniqueness and exclusivity. Thus, King Jewelers is proud to carry a brand who lives up to such a pristine set of values, much like our own.

Furrer Jacot Two Toned Rose Gold Diamond Mens Wedding Band

Lucas Ruppli

Head Designer, Lucas Ruppli has been with the Furrer Jacot company for over 25 years. This is the company in which he began his training as a goldsmith. Ruppli has won multiple international prizes during his time as a lead designer. Furthermore, he believes each design sets itself apart from the typical bridal cookie-cutter creations. Each project presents a challenge because he must cater to an individual’s specific taste and style. Whether he designs a men’s ring or a women’s ring her must reveal meaningful elements that portray someones aesthetic.


Furrer Jacot Carbon Magique Diamond Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Bonding with Love

Love is commonly known as an all-consuming emotion. It’s often indefinable with a strong intensity that bonds two souls for eternity. Hence, why a circle has been the symbol of love for as far back as we can remember. It has no beginning and no end. Similarly, Furrer Jacot expresses this eternal promise by crafting rings, using the most precious alloys. Craftsmen who have a passion for perfection bring these designs to life. It should be noted, that each jewel is the only one of its kind. Living up to the values of Furrer Jacot’s founders, each artisan works to produce rare jewels that symbolize a vow, shared hope, and happiness itself.

Furrer Jacot Two Toned Magique Wedding Band with Diamonds

The High Standard

Achieving the highest level of standards takes time with repetition of a timeless process. Furrer Jacot meets its high standards of exclusivity and quality by ensuring that every single step of production is assured by specialists in-house. Additionally, Lucas Ruppli expresses the extreme importance of qualified and motivated craftsmen who work diligently and passionately on every step of every creation. This way, clients who acquire Furrer Jacot pieces can rest assured that they have invested in pure Swiss-made Craftsmanship.

Furrer Jacot Platinum 18K Rose Gold Dimaond Wedding Bands

Discover the Exclusivity of  Swiss-Made Furrer Jacot Jewels

King Jewelers encourages you to visit our website to explore the Furrer Jacot brand. Receive free shipping and hassle free returns on all Furrer Jacot Jewelry. Conversely, we welcome you to stop by one of our stores with locations in Nashville, Tennessee, and Miami, Florida. Our skilled team of jewelry experts is ready to help you pick out the Furrer Jacot ring you’ve been dreaming of.


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