Contemporary Fred Leighton Diamond Bangles at King Jewelers

Diamond Bangle by Fred Leighton Jewelry

Fred Leighton Bangle Bracelets with Diamonds

Fred Leighton Jewelry is a unique luxury brand of audacious style and colorful characters for more than 40 years. Bringing together history and art, this renowned brand curates the most coveted vintage jewelry. Featuring everything from decadent Edwardian masterpieces to retro-contemporary styles, King Jewelers has a wide variety of options. Recently we’ve been loving these diamond bangle bracelets in an assortment of colors.

Diamond-Encrusted Bangle Bracelets

One of the most coveted pieces by Fred Leighton would have to be these gorgeous diamond-encrusted bangle bracelets. Discover the emotional and transformative experiences of high-polished gemstones and minerals embellished with luminous diamond details. Available in rare materials, such as bold black jade, striking chalcedony, and green nephrite, these bracelets make a contemporary statement. Furthermore, enjoy a breathtaking¬†pop of color to add to your ensemble. King Jewelers welcomes you to stop by our stores in Nashville, Tennessee or Miami, Florida to further explore the enthralling creations of this exquisite jewelry brand with complimentary shipping. Also, you can give us a call to speak with one of our jewelry experts to help you find the Fred Leighton piece you’ve always dreamed of.

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