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The Legends Behind John Hardy Jewelry

The world of John Hardy jewelry serves as more than just a wonder to the eye. Each piece little masterpiece demonstrates the authentic work of masterful artisans. Diligently working with their hands, these craftsmen create stories through jewelry that symbolize life and human connection. Moreover, King Jewelers is ecstatic to have such a wide selection of John Hardy bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces.

Balinese artisans have passed down their techniques and skills for hundreds of years. Thus, captivating the senses of creative mastermind, John Hardy, a legendary brand was born. One of the most iconic foundations of the John Hardy brand has to be the high ethical standards they stand by. By designing uniquely beautiful jewelry, we discover the efforts that stand behind constructing a sustainable future for the artisan community.

John Hardy Classic Chain BraceletClassic Chain

The John Hardy Classic Chain collection, inspired by Balinese tradition, radiates hand-woven precious metals. Not to mention, each design is as compelling as it is beautiful. Representing the eternal connections we form with one another, John Hardy embraces human nature and exposes just that in his artistry. The Classic Chain is elegant and straightforward, however, it hides immaculate detail that can be admired close up of from far away.

John Hardy Modern Chain BraceletModern Chain

Another popular collection,  Modern Chain, takes a contemporary twist on the renown Classic Chain. Resembling a chevron-like pattern, Modern Chain looks sleek and simple. Frequently embellished with gorgeous diamonds, we better understand the sophistication behind these ancient Balinese artisans. Similar to Classic Chain, Modern Chain designs compliment both men and women. Moreover, this collection is another take on the everlasting connections we form as humans.

John Hardy Legends Naga BraceletLegends Naga Collection

The Legends Naga collection derived from the mythical love story about the Naga Dragon. The Naga, who lived alone on the Tiga Gunung volcanoes, had one true love: the ocean’s pearl. Every day at sunset, the dragon would dive into the water to bestow the pearl with a kiss. Later, he would head back to the volcanoes when the sun was rising and his saturated scales would water teh rice fields, creating rich soil. Therefore, if you wear the Naga dragon facing away from you, it will protect you from evil. If you wear it facing you, it will provide you with love.

John Hardy Dot Collection BraceletDot Collection

The John Hardy Dot collection represents boundless love and infinite possibilities. Typically, a hisband and wife would team up and perform the “Palu” method. This entails hand-hammering precious metal to create high-polished symmetrical spheres. These handmade 18k yellow gold and sterling silver dots frequently get paired with vibrant gemstones and various metal textures. Discover the rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants the Dot collection has to offer.

Visit King Jewelers in Nashville and Miami to explore the captivating world of John Hardy jewelry. We pride ourselves on being known as your local John Hardy authorized retailer. Otherwise, you can shop online to get your hands on some of these mystical pieces with free shipping and hassle free returns! Call us for more information about the enthralling world of John Hardy jewelry.


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