Bovet Timepieces in Miami, Florida

Bovet Watches in Miami

Bovet Timepieces Available in South Florida

King Jewelers is proud to announce that Bovet watches are available in our Miami, Florida store! The Bovet name represents an exclusive boutique timepiece brand known for their innovative approach on elegance. In other words, ingenious development and progressive precision represent the high standard of quality this brand has to offer.

Edouardo Bovet

A Little Bovet History

Édouaro Bovet was born in 1707 into a watchmaking family residing in Fleurier. Later in 1818, he arrived in Canton and immediately sold four watches in exchange for what would be equivalent to one million dollars today. Then, Bovet and his three brothers began trading with China and immersing themselves in a rapidly growing business. This was the kickstart of what was soon to become an iconic luxury watch brand.

Bovet Recital 22

The Recital 22 Grand Recital

As one of the most recent releases from Bovet, we discover the Recital 22 Grand Recital. Bovet recreated this celestial timepiece, featuring the globe portrayed as a hand-painted hemisphere. To illustrate, the globe is painted to look realistic with elevated clouds and wind currents by using thick layers of lacquer. Right below the globe, we notice an elevated, high-polished titanium arrow that dictates the hour of the day. Correspondingly, the artist insists that BOVET allow the watch collectors to select which orientation they prefer to see the world map. Frequently, they align the globe to where their home location meets the earth-sun axis at midday.

Bovet Watch Movement

Changing the World of Watchmaking

Bovet timepieces, such as the Braveheart Tourbillon, are endlessly striving to perfect precision and reliability. Boutique watch collectors adore Bovet for their user-friendly functions and most up-to-date complications.  That’s why, as the only retailer in the southeastern region of the United States, we welcome you to stop by our showroom in North Miami Beach, Florida! Explore the enthralling world of eternal watchmaking excellence. This watch is in the running for the Grand Prix D’Horlogerie De Geneve 2018 Pre-Selected Watches for Mechanical Exception.

In short, King Jewelers welcomes you with open arms to discover luxury timepieces up close and personal. Visit us or call us for more information on these luxuriously exclusive timepieces. Or visit our Nashville, Tennesse store for our 10th Annual Nashville Watch Fair in Green Hills!

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