Dial Painting with Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz event

King Jewelers Aventura Hosts Exciting Dial Painting Event with Jaquet Droz

Perfect weather, beautiful timepieces, and great spirits were all in attendance at King Jewelers’ Jaquet Droz event. Held at Perricone’s Marketplace and Café in the heart of downtown Miami, the setting could not have been more perfect for the type of event it was. A lush, plant filled wall surrounded the closed wooden deck creating a comfortable, indoor event with an outdoors experience. The night began gently with curious chatter and deep discussion, but quickly lead to heartfelt laughter accompanied by a warm connection between attendees.


A key piece of Jaquet Droz’ rich history lies in the inclusion of fine, delicately painted artworks on the dials themselves. These images are hand painted by Jaquet Droz’ own in house artists and can take up to 3 days for 1 dial to be painted. Attendees of the event were given a chance to take a crack at becoming watch dial artists by painting their very own Jaquet Droz dial. With good people (and great wine), a process that is normally tedious and lengthy became nothing short of entertaining and memorable.

Aside from dial painting, attendees were able to learn of the history behind Jaquet Droz as well as have the opportunity of meeting with one of their very own dial painters.


All in all, it was a night of fun, elegance, and unique timepieces celebrating the iconic watchmaking of the legendary Jaquet Droz brand. This celebration of craftsmanship is what King Jewelers prides itself on. The event was a true testament to a mutually positive relationship between watchmaker and authorized dealer. Through unity, came timelessness.




David King

Author: David King

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