Fall 2017 Jewelry Trends


Fall 2017 Jewelry Trends To Watch

Every year we visit all of the jewelry shows to discover the latest trends for the upcoming season from our top brands’ new collections. Today the manager of our Aventura store, Barbara, gives us a sneak peek of what jewelry will be most fashionable in fall 2017 and beyond; let’s just say that in jewelry this year, size matters. Visit our luxury salons in Aventura, FL and Nashville, TN to check out brand new collections for the Fall season as they arrive in late August/early September.

Big, bold, and gold jewelry in either yellow or rose gold tones will be hugely popular in the Fall. Bigger is better when it comes to Fall/Winter 2017/2018. Look for large colored gemstone rings surrounded by diamonds to make a statement. Give nod to tradition by breaking out your pearls in the Fall. Whether you own classic strands, earrings, bracelets, rings, or all of the above, be sure to accessorize with the feminine and timeless pearl wherever you can.

Dangling diamond chokers, long hanging necklaces in big, chunky gold links, antique style pieces like the heirlooms your grandmother used to wear, lots of rings, and don’t forget the over-sized gold or diamond hoop earrings to complete your wardrobe this year.

Planning on getting engaged or upgrading your diamond? Why not think about rocking a pear shape diamond on your finger? As for your wedding ring, stackable wedding bands with colored gemstones, diamonds, and different colored gold all mixed together is the trend to follow.

Don’t forget to ward off the evil spirits with evil eye necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Wear them layered with tribal motif jewelry or multiple length necklaces and stack the beaded bracelets with evil eyes all the way up your arm!

Anything goes this season as long as you are wearing enough bling!

David King

Author: David King

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