Fall 2017 Bridal Trends

fall 2017 bridal trends

Fall 2017 Bridal Trends

Today we’d like to discuss a few of Fall 2017’s most exciting bridal trends. Brides are looking to get back to basics this season- look for simpler settings, alternative gemstone center stones, and colored gemstone accents to dominate the bridal jewelry scene.

pear shaped engagement ring

Say Goodbye to the Halo

Halo engagement rings (particularly featuring cushion shaped center stones) reigned supreme for years, but their popularity is slowly but surely ebbing away. For Fall 2017 and beyond, Solitaire engagement rings will be the hot ticket. Brides are looking for a more traditional, simple setting that will let their center stone shine. But don’t be fooled, a simple setting doesn’t mean a small ring! Most brides are looking at solitaires with large center stones, particularly pear shaped stones.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Something Blue

Brides are bringing the “something blue” tradition into their engagement rings and wedding bands with increasing regularity. Fancy shaped sapphire side stones provide a unique and beautiful accent to your center diamond. Sylvie, the engagement ring designed by a woman for a woman, allows brides and their partners to customize their engagement ring. Want the center stone to be a sapphire? They can do that! Saw an all-diamond engagement ring that you think would look even more beautiful if some of those diamonds were swapped for sapphires? No problem! Make your ring as unique as your love story. Talk to your sales associate about your wide range of Sylvie engagement ring customization options.

Right Hand Wedding Band

Mix & Match and Stack, Stack, Stack!

When you think of a ladies wedding band, you probably think of a ring that matches her engagement ring perfectly and sits as flush as possible against her engagement ring. For Fall 2017, look for brides to not only choose a wedding band that is a totally different style than their engagement ring, but to also choose a band designed to wear on their opposite hand! Many brides find that their desired wedding band is too wide and doesn’t sit as comfortably against their engagement ring as they’d like, so they’re choosing to wear these larger bands (or multiple smaller stacked bands) on their other hand.

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

All That Glitters is Gold

You probably remember your mother or grandmother’s jewelry drawer being filled with yellow gold baubles. The tendency towards yellow gold engagement rings died out in the 90s and was never quite at the same level of popularity… until now. Yellow gold jewelry not only compliments most skin tones, it makes for a beautiful contrast with many gemstones. Expect to see your friends sporting yellow gold engagement rings and wedding bands in Fall 2017 and beyond.

Diamond Slice Alternative Engagement Ring

Slice of Paradise

Diamond slices and rose cut diamonds are slowly but surely taking over in both the bridal and fashion jewelry world. For the woman who wants something a little more natural and a lot more unique when it comes to her engagement ring, a diamond slice engagement ring is oftentimes the perfect solution. As an added bonus, diamond slice rings are often far more affordable than traditional diamond rings.

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