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alternative metal wedding bands

The Drawback of Alternative Metal Wedding Bands: Resizing is Sometimes an Impossibility

Alternative metal wedding bands are all the rage, but there are some downsides to choosing them over the more traditional gold wedding band. First and foremost, you need to know that some alternative metals actually can’t be resized. That means if you gain a few pounds thirty years from now, you’ll have to give up the ring you were married in for a brand new ring in a different size.

A multitude of external factors such as the amount of time that goes by (does the company even make that style anymore?) or the economy (is the company still in business?) may leave you unable to get the same ring you had in a new size- you may have to choose a new style altogether! Luckily, brands like Benchmark offer lifetime replacement for registered alternative metal wedding bands that cannot be resized. All you have to do is register your wedding band when you purchase it, and if ever you need a new size, simply send them your original ring and they’ll send you another one in the right size for free!


titanium alternative metal wedding band

This titanium wedding band is available now!

Titanium rings are lighter than gold rings of the same size- a plus for men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry on their fingers and find it uncomfortable. Titanium is also extremely strong- 3x stronger than steel- and isn’t easy to dent or bend, making it a good choice for men who use their hands frequently, like carpenters or construction workers. Titanium rings can’t be resized, so be sure you don’t mind swapping it out for a new ring in the future.


alternative metal tungsten wedding band

This tungsten wedding band is available now!

Tungsten rings are even stronger than titanium rings (4x stronger, to be exact) and while titanium is extremely resistant to bends and dents, tungsten can’t be bent at all! It’s strength in this case is also it’s weakness- the metal is so strong that it simply can’t be reworked into a different size.

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For all the hassle around sizing, there are still plenty of good reasons to choose an alternative metal wedding band over a gold band, such as durability, lack of necessary long-term maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. Talk to your jeweler to find out if an alternative metal or a gold wedding band is the right fit for your lifestyle!

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