Summer Style by Ippolita

Summer Style Ippolita

Designer Spotlight: Ippolita Uses Color in Hot Summer Styles

I am not a power shopper. I prefer a leisurely stroll through a store that glitters, then a coffee break, then lunch, then maybe a mimosa, then I am ready to treat myself to a well deserved bauble. After all, I’m a working woman, who better to treat me than myself? Besides, seriously, jewelry is a far better investment than a car or a dress, it never wears out and it still fits if I gain a few pounds, right? (I have a problem with candy….specifically chocolate.)
This week I have fallen in love with Italian designer Ippolita’s Rock Candy collection. Ok, fine, this may have a little to do with the word “Candy” but still! The collection features bright blue, turquoise, and green gemstones that are deliciously bright and perfect colors for summer.

Find Your Summer Style With Ippolita Jewelry

This 18K Yellow Gold and Turquoise Bangle is available now at King Jewelers!

This 18K Yellow Gold and Turquoise Bangle is available now!

I am obsessed with bangles this summer and there are so many to choose from. I can create a stacked look that is totally unique. All in all, this Ippolita Candy collection really does Rock!

So why do so many of us love turquoise? Is there a magical quality behind this gemstone? After all, turquoise jewelry dates back to 3000BCE, way before we could search the internet to see what brings us luck or protects us from danger. Still, these qualities somehow both became attributed to wearing turquoise.

Summer Style Ippolita Turquoise Earrings

These beautiful gold turquoise earrings are available now!

Ippolita often uses this gemstone in her creation of jewelry. At Ippolita each sky blue gemstone is chosen, faceted, and set by hand. In ancient times pieces like these were worn around the neck or wrist to bring good fortune and serve as a talisman against evil spirits.

Pop superstar P!nk chooses Ippolita chandelier earrings as her look, what’s yours?

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