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Custom Design Services Engagement Ring

Present Her With a One-of-a-Kind Custom Designed Engagement Ring from King Jewelers

Every relationship is unique, just like every woman has unique taste. Because of that, sometime it’s not possible to find a designer engagement ring which fits your vision and budget. At King Jewelers, we offer unrivaled custom design services, allowing you to dictate exactly what size, metals, gemstones, and design elements are utilized in your one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Our Nashville store has two in-house jewelers who will gladly work with you and your sales associate to design the perfect engagement ring. Your approval is sought every step of the way, from sketch to wax to final product, so there are no unwanted surprises when it’s time to pick up your ring. If you like a designer engagement ring that we have in stock, but it’s slightly out of budget, ask your sales professional if it’d be possible for our in-house jewelers to create a similar ring at a more acceptable price point. It may be possible to use fewer diamonds or a different metal (such as 14K gold instead of 18K gold) and end up with the same look as the designer ring at a price you can afford.

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Every King Jewelers engagement ring comes with a Lifetime Warranty, and our custom-designed engagement rings are no exception. We’re there for you long after your initial purchase for all of your sizing, rhodium plating, and other maintenance needs. If something goes wrong, we’ll work tirelessly to make it right (without requiring you leave your ring with us every 6 months for a full check-up.) However, we do recommend that you take advantage of our free cleaning services whenever you’re in the area, and we’ll check your prongs and make sure none of your stones are loose while you wait- all free of charge.

Our custom design services aren’t just limited to engagement rings. Our jewelers will happily create almost anything you can imagine such as body chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more! Stop by today for a quote and let us bring your design to life!

David King

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