Ever Us Two Stone Diamond Rings by Forevermark


One Diamond For Your Best Friend, One Diamond For Your True Love: The Ever Us Ring by Forevermark

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we’re still in love with love! Spring is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see a multitude of springtime engagement and wedding pictures on our newsfeed. Since we’re in the mood for some romance, we’d like to shine the spotlight on an engagement ring trend that is sweeping the nation: two stone diamond engagement rings.

Forevermark, of De Beers group, has undoubtedly mastered this trend better than any other brand we know of, and their Ever Us two stone diamond rings can be seen just about every time you turn around. Similarly to how a three stone engagement ring is meant to be symbolic of your past, present, and future together as a couple, two stone engagement rings also feature a deeper meaning: one diamond for your best friend, and one diamond for your true love.

The Ever Us Two Stone Engagement Ring is available with a variety of diamond sizes. This ring, available now, is 0.75ctw.

The Ever Us Two Stone Engagement Ring is available with diamonds of all sizes! This ring, available now at King Jewelers Nashville, has a total diamond weight of 0.75ct.

“As a couple in love, you are also best friends. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions become a celebration of your enduring love and friendship. This beautiful two-stone diamond design meaningfully represents the dual nature of your bond” says Forevermark.

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Luckily, engagement rings are just the tip of the Ever Us two-stone iceberg. Forevermark also offers two stone diamond bracelets, necklaces, pendants, fashion rings, and earrings. You can explore Forevermark’s entire two stone diamond collection on their website.

Most Ever Us Two Stone Engagement Rings, like the one shown here, feature a bypass style setting

Most Ever Us Two Stone Engagement Rings, like this one, feature a bypass style setting.

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What do you think of the Ever Us two stone diamond ring? Would you see it as a meaningful representation of your partnership or is it just a pretty design? Let us know!

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