Loose Diamond Semi-Mounts vs Proposal Ready Engagement Rings


Proposal Ready or Semi-Mount Engagement Ring: Which Better Suits Your Needs?

With our large selection of engagement rings, we’re often asked whether it’s better to buy a completed, proposal-ready engagement ring straight out of the case or if it’s better to purchase the mounting and diamond separately.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the exact engagement ring that you want in a price range that’s affordable, is to purchase your mounting and diamond separately. At King Jewelers, we offer an unmatched selection of certified loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes so that regardless of your budget, you can find a certified diamond that works in your mounting.

With our new Loose Diamond Portal, you can search through thousands of certified diamonds to find one that meets your needs. Once you narrow it down, you can schedule a free, no-obligation appointment to see the stone in person.

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Generally, it’s more affordable to choose your own stone than to buy a proposal ready engagement ring straight out of the case. Most people are more than willing to give up a little in one area of the 4 C’s (carat weight, for example) to gain a little in another area (color, for example) if it means their overall cost will drop. By purchasing a loose diamond, you control exactly what areas you’re willing to compromise on- and what you’re not– to find the perfect stone.

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The main drawback to buying a semi-mount rather than a proposal-ready ring is, of course, the time frame. Our proposal ready rings are usually shipped within 48-hours for online shoppers, and can be taken home same-day for customers of our brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re on a serious time-crunch because you don’t have any wiggle room for your proposal date, you may be better off purchasing a proposal-ready ring. You’re probably already somewhat nervous to pop the question- don’t add more stress waiting to see if the ring will be ready in time!

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Luckily, once the diamond and the mounting are both in our possession, our master jewelers are usually able to mount the ring and perform any last-minute tweaks (like sizing and polishing) in a timely fashion.  Unless you’ve waited until the absolute last minute to purchase the ring, a semi-mount will probably work out just fine.

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King Jewelers is a proud authorized dealer for dozens of the most sought-after brands in the bridal business such as A.Link, Forevermark, Hearts on Fire, Michael M., Ritani, and more. King Jewelers offers thousands of loose diamonds certified by reputable laboratories like GIA, AGS, and Forevermark. Most stones from the Loose Diamond Portal can be viewed in store within 72-hours.

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