Memoris: The Chronograph-Watch by Louis Moinet


We’ve mentioned in the past that innovative watch brand Louis Moinet proudly claims their namesake created the world’s first chronograph (the “compteur de tierces”) in 1816. Fast forward 200 years, and the brand is looking to once again revolutionize the watch industry.

“It’s probably the most important launch we’ve ever done” Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet, says of their latest creation- Memoris. Historically, watchmakers have referred to a chronograph function as a complication- a cool addition to your standard time-telling accessory, but not it’s main function.

The talented designers at Louis Moinet decided to take a different approach. Rather than working to improve the chronograph complication, they decided to step back and try to create something totally different. Thus, the “chronograph-watch” known as the Memoirs was born.

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Louis Moinet Memoris Chronograph

The first thing that you’re likely to notice when viewing the Memoirs is that every single aspect of the chronograph function is on display- and further, that it takes center stage. The hours and minutes indicator is featured (in a way that almost makes it look like a complication added on for effect) via a small subdial. Any of the traditional workings of an automatic mechanism are, in this case, hidden beneath a plate at the back of the movement. Make no mistake, this timepiece is all about the chronograph!

The revolutionary Memoris 46mm watch will be available in 18K pink gold or 18K white gold, in three limited editions of just 60 units each.

Memoris Specifications

LM54 caliber

28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz)

302 components

48-hour power reserve

“Energie Plus” automatic pawl winding system

Do you like the idea of a chronograph being the primary function of your timepiece? Or do you prefer it as a complication to be used on occasion only?

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