Smart Jewelry Tips for a Successful Destination Wedding

There are many perks to having a destination wedding – the oftentimes exotic atmosphere creates unforgettable pictures for you and your groom, while your guests essentially get to take a vacation just to attend your wedding. Still, brides (and bridesmaids, for that matter) are often weary of what jewelry they should wear to such an event – and rightly so!

Prepare for Worst Case Jewelry Scenarios

Any number of things can happen to your jewelry when you travel – the airport can lose your luggage, it could get stolen out of your hotel room, you could unwittingly lose an earring on the beach and never see it again… the possibilities are endless and stressful!

Where the wedding is being held will greatly impact what kind of jewelry you should bring with you. For example, you probably wouldn’t wear the same jewelry to a beach soiree in Fiji that you’d wear to a black tie event in Paris.

Smart Destination Wedding Jewelry Tips

For beach affairs, we recommend leaving the diamonds locked up in your safe at home. Stick with more basic staples- pearls, for example, or a delicate gold pendant, with plain gold studs and a bangle bracelet. For a black tie affair, bring the diamonds – but make an effort to keep them on you at all times. Bring along a classic diamond pendant and earring set which you can easily dress up or down and wear them for the duration of your stay. If that’s not possible, make sure you don’t ever check it in with your airport luggage – keep it within arm’s reach in your handbag or carry-on.

Some brides have taken caution to the next level by keeping a set of costume jewelry specifically for travel. A set of CZ studs are very affordable, and you’ll be thankful you brought themĀ  instead of your real gems if they end up lost or damaged.

Destination weddings are unforgettable experiences. You will come home with memories that will last a lifetime. Be smart with your jewelry, and you will avoid an unnecessary negative experience. Happy travels!

David King

Author: David King

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