Fall 2012 Fashion Trends in Wedding Rings

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A wedding band should be timeless as well as extremely personal to a couple. After all, it does symbolize a lifetime together. Looking around you will find the traditional style of a solid yellow gold or even a white gold band; however, with the steady increase in the price of gold, many prefer alternate metals. To sum it up, the trend in wedding bands this fall/winter season can be described in one word: Originality.

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Most women prefer their bands to be an eternity band, which means the diamond travels all the way around the band. Lately, we have noticed a small alteration to this trend where every other diamond is a precious stone (ruby, sapphire or emerald.) Many women these days like the idea of having the option to wear just their band alone if the occasion rises. Make sure to consider this when choosing your ideal band.

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There hasn’t been much of a fashion demand for men’s wedding bands in quite some time. Recently, designers have tried to change this and have come up with a variety of different designs and alternate metals. What we have discovered, is that men use their hands a lot more in everyday life. Therefore, they require a more durable metal such as platinum, cobalt, titanium and tungsten. These particular metals retain their luster and will look just as good years down the road as it did the day it was placed on the finger.

Benchmark tungsten men's wedding ring

Tungsten seems to have taken the lead in trends men have started to follow for a number of reasons: it has become number one choice for many celebrity grooms, the color is opposite of the typical gold or white gold color because it is much darker in nature, which leads to a more masculine aesthetic. Again, when choosing the best band for the groom, take into consideration your lifestyle and your daily activities.

When it comes to choosing the band that best represents you and your lifestyle, remember that it is a symbol of eternity.

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