Chopard’s Carefree and Elegant Imperiale Jewels

To accompany the Imperiale watch, redesigned in 2010, Chopard has created a new line of jewellery matching this elegant timepiece. With its blend of carefree charm and firm assurance, the Imperiale jewellery collection rejuvenates the imperial myth by adding a decidedly modern touch.

This line inspired by the Imperiale watch is pervaded by an intimate and refined boudoir spirit expressed through a wealth of subtle and delicate details. The motif which adorns the dials of the watches, inspired by the traditional embroideries that used to decorate imperial gowns and cushions, blossoms on pendants, sleeper earrings, rings, and slender bracelets. The white or rose gold curves of the jewellery, which can be polished or set with diamonds, provide fascinating glimpses of the velvety skin beneath, or are lit up by the soft sparkle of amethyst, pink quartz or chalcedony.

At times ethereal and delicate or precious and voluptuous, the imperial motif lends itself to a wide range of refined compositions. A clever play on light and on volumes endows this jewellery with an undeniable aura of majesty. Imbued with a sophisticated sensuality, the Imperiale jewellery collection radiates a stately allure that is at once forceful and fragile.

Chopard Imperiale Jewelry Specifications

• Imperiale pendant in 18ct rose gold.

• Imperiale pendant in 18ct white gold set with diamonds.

• Imperiale pendant large model in 18ct rose gold encircling facetted pink quartz.

• Imperiale pendant large model in 18ct rose gold encircling a facetted amethyst.

• Imperiale earrings in 18ct white gold set with diamonds.

• Imperiale earrings in 18ct rose gold encircling 2 facetted amethysts.

• Imperiale ring in 18ct rose gold.

• Imperiale ring in18ct white gold set with diamonds.

• Imperiale ring in 18ct rose gold encircling a facetted amethyst.

• Imperiale bracelet in 18ct rose gold.

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