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A. link is one of those renowned diamond designers who specializes in timeless designs and have been creating beautiful works since the early 1900s. Their collections boast of strands of high-quality diamonds in classic lengths, diamonds-by-the-yard, stunning diamond hoops, and rows upon rows of diamond bracelets. Adhering to the firm belief that the diamond takes the center stage, many of A.link’s most famous designs are inspired by romantic operatic tales, such as Carmen, Aida, and Faust. If you’re looking to get noticed, wearing one of these dazzling pieces from A.link is the way to do it.

a.link for forevermark diamond spiral earringsHowever, A.link for Forevermark designs deviate from A.link’s previous collections and instead showcase pieces with a fresh modern look about them. Instead of romantic, the A.link for Forevermark designs are clean and unique. The materials themselves take on distinctive spiraling shapes and bladed designs. For example, these spiral stud earrings are a new take on the classic diamond stud with a frame of white gold showcasing the center round-cut diamond.

The A.Link for Forevermark designs also move away from the traditional A.link materials of platinum and white gold and instead incorporate rose and yellow gold as well. This pendant in particular features an arrow-shaped design with a beautiful Forevermark diamond nestled in the dip at the top of the arrow. Such fluid designs are sure to make a statement for any occasion.

a.link for forevermark diamond pendant

While most of A.link’s designs are more fitting for evening occasions, the beauty of the A.link for Forevermark collections is that they can seamlessly transition from day to night, such is their understated elegance. You can find A.link for Forevermark designs on display during our Forevermark Diamond Week that’s going on right now. See these gorgeous designs in person and you’ll understand how these designs enhance the beauty of a Forevermark diamond.

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