How Forevermark Diamonds Make the Perfect Bridal Touch

Forevermark 3.01 Carat Diamond Prong Stud EarringsFew gemstones carry the significance or the romance that a diamond does. A well-chosen diamond is something that becomes a family heirloom passed down for generations. They become reminders of significant events in one’s life like birthdays, anniversaries, first Christmases . . . not the least of all weddings. A pair of diamond studs can be the perfect touch to complete any wedding look. Of course there are all kinds of styles of diamond studs with details like diamond pave and halos, but when the diamonds are as exceptional as Forevermark diamonds, all you need is the diamond itself.

These gorgeous diamond studs feature brilliant round-cut diamonds in Forevermark’s unique platinum four-prong diamond setting that showcases the brilliant fire within each 1.50 carat diamond. These diamonds are all the more special because they are some of the world’s most carefully selected gemstones. Each Forevermark diamond is natural, untreated, responsibly sourced, and goes through a rigorous series of tests to make sure that each diamond has the quality to bear the Forevermark inscription. Less than one percent of all diamonds mined meet the standards of Forevermark.

With Forevermark diamonds, you can be every bit as sure as the diamonds she’s wearing are every bit as beautiful and unique as she is. You can purchase these Forevermark Diamond Studs from our website.

King Jewelers is an official Forevermark authorized retailer in the United States. Forevermark diamond engagement rings, Forevermark diamond jewelry and loose Forevermark diamonds are represented in all sizes and shapes. Forevermark diamonds are available at the Green Hills location in Nashville, TN, at the Aventura location in Miami, FL, and on-line at For more information, please visit the Forevermark website.

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