Jaquet Droz University: The Distinguished Watch Collections of Jaquet Droz

Widely recognized for his watch making talent, Jaquet Droz was also a man of great vision. Very soon aware of his potential beyond the Swiss border he did not hesitate to establish a Manufacture in London in order to gain easier access to the very promising market that was opening up in China. Subsequently, he consolidated his international reputation by opening a workshop in Geneva, the first ever established in that city. The legend of Jaquet Droz, who owned three watch factories and traveled extensively, especially to Paris, continues to inspire the collections of today and lend them a special significance.

Legend: Geneva

Classic watches Grande Second, Figure 8, and infinity. Pioneer, link between tradition and modernity: timeless.
legend geneva jaquet droz watches

Urban: London

Sport watches Sport, Figure 8, and infinity. Innovative concepts, “easy to wear” materials. Trendy, casual.
urban london jaquet droz watches

Majestic: Beijing

Functional watches Travel, Linked to movement. Readability, Pureness, Elegance.
majestic beijing jaquet droz watches

Complication: La Chaux-de-Fonds

Grand Complications watches, technical know-how. Horological challenge, roots of Pierre Jaquet Droz and first manufacture.
la chaux-de-fonds complications jaquet droz watches

Elegance: Paris

Feminine watches. Women, dreams, jewels, eternity, diamonds. Jaquet Droz workshop in Paris, linked to the beauty of Paris.
elegance paris jaquet droz watches

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