King Jewelers Introduces the Ideal2 Forevermark Diamonds: The First Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows Square Diamond

As King Jewelers rolls out the launch of Forevemark diamonds in Middle Tennessee and South Florida, the King family is proud to intrude the Ideal2 Diamond that exhibits perfect hearts and arrows every time. It is the only square diamond that is hearts and arrows ideal; that means all stones have perfect proportions, perfect polish and perfect symmetry allowing maximum light return that competes with the best ideal rounds.

forevermark square hearts and arrows diamond

Developed by the finest craftsmen in Antwerp, this revolutionary diamond cut exhibits the perfection that lies in the symmetrical alignment of each of the 80 facets; this results in a light reflection yielding a Hearts & Arrows pattern. Moreover, as the Ideal2™ Diamond is cut to “ideal” proportions it generates scintillation that is beyond any existing standard square cut diamond.

It takes up to three times longer than any standard square cut to achieve the finishing quality of the Ideal2™ Diamond. Ideal2™ Diamond is cut to the most exacting of ideal standards in terms of proportion, polish and symmetry. Less than 1% of all diamonds mined can be certified ideal. The innovative design of the Ideal2™ Diamond allows it to reflect Perfect Light and Pure Brilliance.

King Jewelers offers a large selection of Ideal Square diamonds that represent perfect proportions, perfect polish, and perfect symmetry. Available from 0.30cts up to 5 carats, King Jewelers focuses on Ideal2 diamonds that range in D-I color, and IF – SI1 clarity.

Why Buy An Ideal2 Forevermark Diamond?

– ultra premium AGS 000 ideal cut or GIA XX in a square shape
– exhibits perfect hearts and arrows every time, the only square that is hearts and arrow ideal
– perfect proportions, perfect polish and perfect symmetry
– light return performance that competes with the best ideal rounds
– always cut to the highest standards while most diamonds are cut for weight or certificate
– easy to match for pairs and sets as ideal2 always looks the same for the carat weight

King Jewelers is an official Forevermark authorized retailer in the United States. Forevermark diamond engagement rings, Forevermark diamond jewelry and loose Forevermark diamonds are represented in all sizes and shapes. Ideal Square Forevermark diamonds are available at the Green Hills location in Nashville, TN, at the Aventura location in Miami, FL, and on-line at

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