Forevermark Introduces 3D Virtual Try-on Technology Tool

Forevemark, the De Beers’ diamond brand, has launched a virtual try-on experience that allows users to try on pendants, earrings and rings all while sitting in front of their computers.


My Forevermark Fitting begins by first asking visitors to download the virtual try-on application, which works on modern PCs and Macs, but not on iPads, netbooks or mobile devices. Once the application is downloaded, users are instructed to print out the Forevermark ring, earring and pendant markers and cut out the markers along the dotted lines.

Users then are instructed to hold up the cut-outs to their web cams. What users then see in the screen is an image of themselves “wearing” that particular pendant, ring or earring, which sparkles and moves with them in real time. The try-on sessions can be shared with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter.

A total of 12 pieces are available for “try-on,” including classic ear studs, a princess-cut solitaire ring and a pear-cut diamond pendant.

De Beers worked with creative agency AKQA and London-based Holition, a company that specializes in creating augmented reality experiences, to create My Forevermark Fitting.

To experience Forevermark diamond jewelry virtually with the latest reality software that allows you to virtually try on your Forevermark diamonds, visit If you are interested in purchasing Forevermark pieces, you can visit our Forevermark Jewelry page.

David King

Author: David King

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