Expert Jewelry Selection Tips for Your Wedding Dress

You’ve picked the dress. The ring. The location. The decor. All the hard decisions of wedding planning are over. When it comes down to your wedding day, have you thought about accessories? Selecting jewelry for that perfect wedding day look can seem like an intimidating task, but remember that this should be the fun part! Jewelry is meant to accent your look, not define it and to make it easier we’ve come up with a few tips to keep in mind.

Wedding Dress Materials and Designs

Taking note of what materials are in the wedding dress is a simple way to pick jewelry. If there are pearls in the dress, wearing pearl jewelry would tie in well with the theme. The color of the wedding dress will also help determine what kind of metal you should stick to. Brighter white dresses tend to look better with silver or platinum jewelry. If there are additional colors in the dress such as blue, wear sapphires to incorporate it in the rest of the look, but be careful not too overdo it and match too much. Another option to narrow down jewelry choices is to use the colors in your wedding palette, such as the colors that can be found in the bouquet.


If your dress has a lot of elaborate details such as beading, lace, sequins, or pearls, a necklace will probably weigh your look down and become too busy. Otherwise, the cut of the dress will dictate what type of necklace would be best to wear.


Since the cut of this dress is high on the collar-bone, we recommend staying away from necklaces and instead bring the glam with a stunning pair of chandelier or drop earrings.


Bateau Dress by Manuel Mota Pret a Porter



A lariat works well with a halter-top dress. This necklace choice will accent your collar-bone, while the dangling part of the lariat accents the back of the dress.


Halter Dress by Amsale Little White Dress

Off-The Shoulder


This is another neckline where simpler necklaces work well because they emphasize the clean cut of the dress. Double stranded necklaces or diamonds by the yard will add an elongated feel to your look. Chokers will also work well, but note that they will also emphasize your shoulders and neck.


Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress by Amy Kuschel



For an open-backed dress, a lariat necklace is an amazing way to accent the cut of the dress as well as complement the curve of your back. This dangling embellishment will give your look an element of class whether you’re coming or going.


Open-Backed Wedding Dress by JLM



The sky’s the limit for this neckline. Any necklace selection will look fantastic with this cut, although most brides tend to stick to more simple choices such as chokers or strands to tie-in with the clean look of a strapless gown. This neckline also works best with bib necklaces as it does not clutter up the look.


Strapless Wedding Dress by Moonlight



Like the v-neck, the sweetheart neckline works well with a y-drop necklace because the lines of the necklace follow the lines of the top. Chokers look good as well, but if you have a shorter neck they may not be preferable as a choker will draw more attention to your neck and might make it look shorter.


Sweetheart Wedding Dress by Platinum for Priscilla of Boston



This neckline is one of the more versatile when it comes to necklace options. Classic pearls strands, chokers, or pendants all work great with this look. Whether you’re looking to keep it simple or make a statement, the v-neck neckline will see you through. Another good choice for the v-neck is a y-drop necklace, as it will mimic the cut of the neckline and thus emphasize it.


V-Neck Wedding Dress by Blush By JLM




Wearing earrings is a must if you’re wearing your hair up. If the dress is elaborate in design, a simple pair of studs will often do the trick. Ladies with shorter necks will find that stud earrings are a preferable option as well as they will not accent the neck. Just like all of your accessories, earrings should match the style of the necklace if you choose to wear one. Wearing drop earrings or chandelier earrings with a high-necked dress will give your look a punch, if you opt out of a necklace.


Dresses with elaborate beading, lacy cuffs, long sleeves, big sleeves, or short gloves will look better without a bracelet. However, dresses with clean-cut sleeves or short sleeves will often be enhanced by the addition of a bracelet. Wear bracelets over elbow-length gloves for a touch of 1920’s glamor.

Most importantly, wear jewelry that you’re comfortable in! You don’t want to wear pieces that will get caught in your hair or your dress. As with the rest of your wedding, let your jewelry reflect the theme of the wedding as well as your personality. If you pick bridal jewelry that fits in with your daily style and that you’ll want to wear past of the wedding, you can’t go wrong.

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