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Platinum initially played a prominent role in Egyptian and South American jewelry. The Spanish explorers first discovered deposits of the ore in Colombia and called it “Platina del Pinto” because of the metal’s similar appearance to silver. It wasn’t until the 18th century that platinum started appearing in Western European jewelry metalworking and by today’s standards is one of the most popular metals in jewelry design.

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Platinum and white gold may look alike to the untrained eye, but they differ dramatically in color and strength. Platinum is a naturally white metal whereas white gold is created when yellow gold is alloyed with either nickel or rhodium. Platinum is approximately five times more rare than gold. It takes roughly ten tons of ore to produce one ounce of platinum. In order for gold jewelry to be considered “pure” the metal must contain at least 41% gold. For platinum, the standards are much higher and the metal must contain at least 90% platinum. This means that platinum is whiter than white gold, and thus amplifies the shine of diamonds and other gemstones. The purity of platinum also makes this metal hypoallergenic, which is optimal for people with sensitive skin.

Platinum is extremely easy to care for. Platinum is not a metal that tarnishes easily and requires less maintenance than gold as it is a stronger metal and its density is almost double that of gold. Most metals will steadily have a small piece of metal removed with scratches over time and may eventually have to be reinforced. However, platinum will show a scratch, but the metal is displaced rather than removed. Platinum also develops a unique patina with wear over time that can be easily polished to its original shiny finish.

Consider buying platinum for jewelry pieces that will be worn frequently and may be subjected to wear and tear, such as engagement rings or wedding bands. Be sure to look for a stamp of .900 or .950 on a platinum piece of jewelry to indicate the purity of the metal and this stamp is required by law.

In order to clean platinum, you can soak your platinum jewelry in a mild solution of soap and warm water while gently scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush. Or if you prefer, you can take your platinum jewelry to the expert jewelers at King Jewelers Nashville and Miami to be professionally maintained.

King Jewelers Nashville and Miami actively buy platinum jewelry all the time as well as gold jewelry.

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