Mikimoto opens exclusively in the Nashville market with King Jewelers

King Jewelers is proud to announce the arrival of the MIKIMOTO pearly jewelry collections in Nashville, TN. King Jewelers Nashville concentrates on Mikimoto’s Akoya, Black South Sea, Pearls in Motion, Moderna 8, as well as MIKIMOTO’s Everday Essential collections. Mikimoto will host a launch trunk show on April 23rd and 24th during King Jeweler’s Nashville Watch Fair next month.  

In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in producing the world’s first cultured pearl. Since that day, MIKIMOTO continues to make history, creating its own distinctive style. Through mastery, aesthetics and a consuming fascination with quality, Kokichi Mikimoto made cultured pearls one of the world’s most prevalent fashion accessories. It was Kokichi’s dream “to adorn the necks of all the women of the world with pearls.” His dream is expressed in the signature quality and elegance of today’s MIKIMOTO Pearl Jewelry Collections.

MIKIMOTO has developed the highest standards of quality and consistency by devoting more than a century to understanding the sea and researching the oyster. While luster, pearl quality, surface perfection, color, shape and size are standard factors for pearl grading, the MIKIMOTO pearl grading scale is the only qualified system which accurately and consistently defines these factors by four individual grade categories. Only the top 5% of the pearl harvest meets the strict quality standards of MIKIMOTO.

Mikimoto pearls make great gifts for Mother’s Day, graduation, and any special occasion. King Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto pearls. Shop on-line with confidence for authentic Mikimoto pearls at www.Kings1912.com or visit www.MikimotoAmerica.com.   

David King

Author: David King

David King is the Director of Business Development of King Jewelers. A Graduate Gemologist with specialties in luxury timepieces, diamonds, and marketing, his main responsibilities include advertising & marketing, events, watch buying, client relations, concierge services, website development, brand management, and business development.

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